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    Retooling and Economic Recovery Council and Pensioners’ Association distribute 35,000 facemasks to employees, contractors and retirees

    News article published 2020-08-25

    Bruce Power’s Retooling and Economic Recovery Council (RERC) and the company’s Pensioners’ Association have teamed up to provide 35,000 reusable cloth masks to employees, retirees and contractors. Each person received two reusable cloth masks for their family to wear at … Read more

    Bruce Power facemask program

    Cameco and Bruce Power support launch of Centre for Next Generation Nuclear Technologies and announce contracts that support innovation and isotope production

    News article published 2020-08-20

    Cameco and Bruce Power announced today a series of initiatives – highlighted by the creation of a centre for next generation nuclear technologies  – to leverage their existing partnership to help restart the Canadian economy, protect the environment and fight … Read more

    Bruce Power Aerial View

    Isogen and Bruce Power celebrate key milestones in their collaboration on the production of medical isotopes

    News article published 2020-08-19

    Bruce Power and Isogen, an Ontario-based joint venture between Kinectrics and Framatome Canada, are celebrating together the achievement of critical milestones on the path to producing new life-saving medical isotopes in support of the global fight against cancer. Bill Walker, … Read more

    Bruce Power awards contract for refurbishment of on-site training and mock-up facility to Makwa-Tron joint venture

    News article published

    The first project to be executed under an agreement between Bruce Power and the Makwa-Tron construction venture is a refurbishment project at the on-site training and mock-up facility. “This refurbishment project is the first of several involving this unique partnership … Read more

    Ontario Premier Doug Ford, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe to participate in announcement on nuclear innovation

    News article published 2020-08-18

    Mike Rencheck, the President and CEO of Bruce Power will be joined by the Honourable Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario, and the Honourable Scott Moe, Premier of Saskatchewan, for an announcement on Thursday morning. The two premiers will make remarks … Read more

    Nuclear Innovation and Economic Impact

    Bruce Power joins Canada United to support local businesses and accelerate small business recovery

    News article published 2020-08-06

    Bruce Power announced today its Retooling and Economic Recovery Council (RERC) has joined Canada United, a nationalmovement to support local businesses in communities across the country. As part of the movement, RBC has brought together more than 50 of Canada’s … Read more

    Bruce Power is making The POST Promise to help prevent the spread of COVID-19

    News article published 2020-07-29

    Bruce Power is joining companies across the country in  support of The POST Promise, an initiative endorsed by the Government of Canada that’s focused on creating a collective solution to help Canadians safely begin their journey back into the community … Read more

    Retooling and Economic Recovery Council’s ‘Strength in Numbers’ online portal is now open for business

    News article published 2020-07-27

    The Retooling and Economic Recovery Council (RERC), a Bruce Power initiative, has launched an online portal to provide local municipalities, businesses and community organizations with access to affordable personal protective equipment (PPE). Beginning today, orders for PPE to assist in … Read more

    Bruce Power helps province through what’s shaping up to be a long, hot summer

    News article published 2020-07-21

    As the province’s air conditioners are cranked up through the heat of the summer and Ontario’s economy is reopening, Bruce Power is there to keep Ontario cool while also producing isotopes needed in the fight against COVID-19. “Ontario families and … Read more

    Bruce Power reaches agreement with Isogen, BWXT to advance additional ‘Made in Ontario’ life-saving isotopes

    News article published 2020-07-20

    Bruce Power, with Isogen and BWXT ITG Canada, Inc. (BWXT), are committing to advancing a multi-faceted ‘Made in Ontario’ partnership for the production of additional isotopes to meet the growing demands of health-care providers in Canada and around the world. … Read more

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